ICO moved on July 1st
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Softcap (Minimum Goal)

Over the last couple of months, a number of community members including many ICO experts from around the world have contacted us and given us valuable advices regarding how to better improve our project in preparation for a successful ICO.
Due to unforeseen market conditions, as well as advices from our community members and experts, UGT decided to postpone all of our crowdsale activities including our previously announced ICO.
This is a difficult decision among our investors and core team. And yet, we believe it is in the best interest of our community and our investors.
Despite the changes in our crowdsale timeline, we’re delivering on our project development along with growing a wider network of partners as planned without slowing down. As in our proposed roadmap, we’re building a solid foundation for UGT project as a trustful business and paving the way for the project’s growth in the long term.

Thank you so much to all of our supporters and community for your great support and unchanging trust in our team as well as our vision.
UGT team is grateful to have you embark on this adventure!
We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you for your support and participation so far!
We will keep you posted!
Stay frosty!

Best regards,
The UGT Team

ICO Distribution:

Universal Games Token ICO will take place in two major steps which are the Pre-ICO Private Sale and the ICO, as described below:

Of the 1,000,000,000 total supply, only 20,000,000 (2%) tokens will be available for the Pre-ICO Private sale. 150,000,000 UGT Tokens will be kept as a reserve for the team, advisors, partners, marketing, bonuses and Universal Games Token community. 10% of the total supply will be kept for the in-game funds and rewards program (games community) and the remaining 73% plus the unsold part from Pre-ICO will be available for sale in the main ICO – until hard cap is met. The remaining / unsold tokens will not be minted and will be kept for future investors.

1 UGT = $ 0,1 USD
100 UGT minimum
From May 1st, 2019
To May 31st, 2019
Distribution: ≥725 M Tokens
Days 1 to 5 : 15%
Days 6 to 10 : 10%
Days 11 to 15 : 8%
Days 16 to 20 : 6%
Days 21 to 25 : 4%
About us
Welcome to The Universal Games Token
Universal Games Token will develop tools that enable game publishers, game servers, andcommunities to manage virtual goods and in-game items across multiple platforms. Monetizationusing UGT will be a key focus with robust features and toolsets provided. Great benefits will begained by utilizing a decentralized platform and the supporting frameworks.
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Our Token
What is Universal Games Token?
Universal Games Token (UGT) is issued on the Ethereum network and meets the ERC20 standard. It is the core asset of the new UGT Marketplace and will soon become the main currency in our games.

In the context of a growing market, where users purchase in-game currency they can later use for in-game purchases, UGT comes with an innovative universal solution for existing games.
Users will have access to a smart wallet for easy automatic payment.

Benefits for Communities

Increase user participation and contribution on forums and walls.

Automate rewards and setup a variety of condition based triggers.

Tie-in your community rewards with in-game goods on servers or games.

Benefits for Game Publishers / Content Creators

A token to represent virtual currencies, game items, or privileges.

Create and manage virtual goods programmatically or via an app.

Create time limited or subscription based virtual goods.

Mint non-fungible items or special edition items.

Setup a virtual goods store/marketplace.

Run a decentralized payment gateway with no middle-man.

Transparent transactions. Setup reports and commission systems.

No fraud, chargebacks, or cancellations.

Minimal fees for blockchain transactions and no commission fees.

Benefits for Users

Buy & sell items with no risk of fraud.

Trade between gaming items from different games.

Take your currency with you across any community or game and retain value.

Own valuable currency and rare items that can never be taken away.

Earn UGTs playing games or by completing certain tasks.

Convert custom virtual goods directly back to UGTs and retain value

Earn UGTs by participating in communities and posting on forums.

Buy in-game items on thousands of game servers and games that support UGT.

Proven ownership of items by showing them off in website widgets/wallets.

Early Adopters

Universal Games Token will be adopted by three existing games on the market, with a strong community of users built around them. As the project advances, there will be more and more adopters over time. They will replace their in-game digital currency with UGT Tokens, thus ensuring the stability of the token.

Market Glory

MarketGlory is in a unique position thanks to our existing user base. The game is not just a strategy game, it also includes entrepreneurial, social, political and military skills in a unique user experience. Players develop their own strategy.

Goal Tycoon

GoalTycoon is an online football manager game that can be played in your browser wherever you are. In this, you can manage your own soccer team and improve your stadiums and other club-related buildings to benefit more from your team.

Cave to Kingdom

CaveToKingdom is a unique approach to strategy gaming. The game comes in the client version and it is a 3D mass-online strategy game that everyone can enjoy. The only help is two servants who swore to obey and protect the player and what he stands for.

Worldwide Gaming Partners
Team Members
Working Projects
Token sale term
Universal Games Token
Fixed Limit:
20,000,000 USD
Soft Cap:
2,000,000 USD
0,1 USD = 1 UGT
Min Purchase:
0.01 ETH / 100 UGT
May 1st (9:00 AM UTC)
February 1 (9:00 AM)
June 1st (00:00 AM UTC)
March 1 (00:00 AM)
Token distribution
  • 20 million available in Pre-ICO
  • 250 million see whitepaper for distribution
  • 730 millions or more available for sale in ICO
  • unsold tokens will not be minted and will be kept for future investors
Fund distribution
  • 50% IT Development
  • 5% ICO Expenses
  • 10% Marketing and Community building
  • 15% Mergers and Aquisitions
  • 10% Operations
  • 5% Legal Costs and unforseen
  • 5% Shareholders and Board of Advisors
1 UGT token price 
0,00001033 BTC
0,00047001 ETH
ICO Participants
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Q1 2018

Research of Market and Analysis Concept of ICO Utility token

Q2 2018

Technical Research and Background, Recruit Core Team, White Paper Concept

Q3 2018

ICO IT Infrastructure preparation, Project development plan, Marketing Campaign – Promotions focus

Q4 2018

Recruit Advisors, Marketing Campaign – Promotions focus

Q1-Q2 2019

ICO Pre-Sale and Main Sale starting with 15% Discount
Direct Implementation of UGT token within the gaming infrastructures

Q3 2019

Tools development for upgrading the current Architectures to Mobile Platforms

Q4 2019

Research & Development for “UGT Incubator” – Game Incubator Module

  • Q2 2018Technical Research and Background, Recruit Core Team, White Paper Concept
  • Q4 2018Recruit Advisors, Marketing Campaign, Promotions focus
  • Q3 2019Tools development for upgrading the
    current Architectures to Mobile Platforms
  • Q1 2018Research of Market and Analysis
    Concept of ICO Utility token
  • Q3 2018ICO IT Infrastructure preparation, Project development plan, Marketing Campaign, Promotions focus
  • Q1-2 2019ICO Pre-Sale and Main Sale starting with 15% Discount, Direct Implementation of UGT token within the gaming infrastructures
  • Q4 2019Research & Development for „UGT Incubator” a module where players and developers interact to bring efficiency
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Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Cristian Tuns
Timothy Grant
Chief Executive Officer
Bogdan Hodorogea
Chief Operating Officer
Maura Bărbulescu
Chief Marketing Officer
Alexandru Crucean-400
Alexandru Crucean
Sales Operations Manager
Mihaela Carmela Rogojan
Director of Communications
Mircea Gabriel Gal
Human Resources and Finance
Bernard Stefan Nuszer
C# Developer
Daniel Vlad Ciolte
Unity 3D Game Developer
Brigitta Nora Szolosi
PHP Developer
Anina Cormos
PHP Developer
Bura Sabin Polereczki
UI / UX / Web Designer
Marius Mihai Luca
Web Developer and Tester
The Guarantee of a Successful Project
Andrei Popescu
Co-Founder of COSS.io and SCX Holdings
Ovidiu Stegaru
CEO at FireByte Games
Daniel Zaharie
Cryptocurrency Investor and Blockchain Developer
Ike Oniță
Production, online games, real estate and online media entrepreneur
Partners & Supporters
We Collaborate Only With The Best